MEGSL Fall Conference

October 9-10, 2015

The Fall Conference was just a few weeks ago.  We hope you enjoyed it!


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The Theme of this year’s conference was very timely:
 “To Common Core, or Not to Common Core: What are the Questions?

Keynote Nancy Bergfeld was delightful and very informative!  She shared with those in attendance the process by which the new Missouri math standards where created. They are available to be reviewed!  They are not yet finalized. Here is the link where these standards can be found!

Sessions on number strings, developing operations sense, ensuring student success with place value, learning math visually, using geometry to teach fractions and building a solid foundation were aimed at grades K - 5. 

Sessions on Algebraic reasoning, Algebraic modeling activities, probability and statistics, patterns of the tower puzzle and mathematical practices appealed to middle school teachers.  

Sessions on preparing students to score higher on college math placement tests, math digital homework,  flipping your classroom, probability and statistics, parent functions, fostering algebraic thinking and the trigonometry of a sundial were of great interest to those teaching high school and college.

And sessions on how to coach students to be successful in math contests, zoombinis and labyrinths, Hands on Equations, online graphing tools, Missouri by the numbers, and more appealed to everyone!

On top of all this, there were grade level round tables after lunch on Saturday where colleagues shared teaching successes AND all meals were free with the $90 registration fee!

Hopefully folks brought along a friend or two!  Trying something new with a colleague is always invigorating!


Teresa Huether
Mathematics Professor - STLCC - retired

For information, please contact Joshua Pearce

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Location (click location address to go to MapQuest)

Hazelwood West Middle School
12834 Missouri Bottom Road
Hazelwood, MO 63042

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Friday October 9th
Registration and Refreshments
Florissant Valley Community College:  Math Department Meeting (5:30-6:00 Room #113)

Creating Videos To Engage Students Online - General Interest - Christine Lewis 
What Is Up With The Math Entrance Test At STLCC? - Grades 9 - HE - Laura B. Davidson  
Family Communication - General Interest - Helene J. Sherman 
Using Number Strings - Grades K - 5 - Leslie Henderson

7:00  Dinner 

7:30-8:30  Keynote Address - Nancy Bergfeld


Saturday October 10th
Registration and Free Continental Breakfast

Zoombinis And Labyrinths? Wuzzit Mean?" - General Interest - Bob Coulter    
Flip Your Classroom With Khan Academy - Grades 9 - HE - Victoria Shearing 
Algebraic Reasoning - grades 6 - 8 - Tammy and Kevin Voepel  
Strategies For Developing Operations Sense - Grades K - 5 - Denise Brown 
UBD And The CCSSM - General Interest - Michelle Hunter   

Ensuring Students Success With Place Value - grades K - 5 - Cheryl Lubinski
How to Coach for Middle and High School math contests to produce real results - General Interest - Igor Konfisakhar 
CCSSM: Probability And Statistics - Grades 9-12 - John Diehl
Modeling Activities for Middle School Through Algebra 1 - Grades 6 - 8 - Denise Young 
An Introduction To HANDS-ON EQUATIONS - General Interest - Fran Endicott Armstrong 

Dig Into Data With Free Online Graphing Tools - General Interest - Bob Coulter 
Math Digital Homework-The Debate Continues - Grades 9 - HE - Kelly Leinert    
Probability And Statistics - Grades 6 - 8 - Kevin and Tammy Voepel  
Learn Math Visually - Grades K - 5 - James Ross         
DESE Mathematics Updates - General Interest - Jeremy Ellis         

Missouri By The Numbers - General Interest - Debbie Char    
Teaching Parent Functions In Algebra 1 And Algebra 2 - Grades 9 - HE - Denise Young    
Patterns Of The Tower Puzzle - Grades 6 - 8 - Gene Potter      
DESE Mathematics Updates - General Interest - Jeremy Ellis   

Fractions Begin with Geometry - K - 5 - Amber Rutherford 
Building A Solid Understanding - K - 5 - Kathleen Fick       
The Trig Of An Analemmatic Dial - 9 - HE - Anne Marie Mosher    
CCSSM: Probability And Statistics - Grades 6-8 - John Diehl         
Doubling And Squaring Are NOT The Same Thing - General Interest - Fran Endicott Armstrong       

Shifts, Flips, And Stretches - General Interest - Igor Konfisakhar      
Using Math Tools To Foster Algebraic Thinking - Grades 9 - HE - Amanda Garner-Brooks   Using Desmos Demonstratively - General Interest - Chip Day    
CCSS-M And Mathematical Practices - Grades 6 - 8 - Albert D. Otto         
Engaging Algebra 1&2 - General Interest - Sheila Hobson   

Free Lunch, Tom Yager Award, Stem Alliance Presentation and Conference Feedback   

1:30-2:20Grade Level Round table Sessions       
Higher Ed - facilitated by Tammy Voepel and Teresa Huether
Grades 9 - 12 - facilitated by Amanda Garner- Brooks and Tony Fressola
Grades 6 - 8 - facilitated by  
Grades K - 5 - facilitated by Cheryl Lubinski, Amber Rutherford, Denise Brown and Meg Knop



***NEW THIS YEAR*** We are asking members to please bring gently used workable calculators to each event. We will ask those in attendance if they need any calculators for their classroom.  All calculators collected will be distributed that night to  those attendees who indicated a need! If no one in attendance is in need, the donated calculators will be brought to the next MEGSL event.